July-August 2017 Product Catalog

Our July-August product catalog is going out this week and we are excited about some of the awesome new items we have available. We’ve got our new Panther Polishers, new Nova Polishers, extended rotary promotion, ongoing Schick Q Basic promo and more. Here are just a few of the highlights of the July-August 2017 Vacalon […]

New Nova Polishers for PEEK materials

New materials? New tools. Biocompatible, high-performance thermoplastics like PEEK, PEK and Pekkton are quickly making their way into dental laboratories. In response, we developed our Nova Polishers with a special polishing matrix. In only two steps, technicians will be able to achieve a surface polish that delivers optimum esthetics. Nova Polishers work with thermoplastic restorations […]

Introducing Panther Polishers

We are excited to announce the release of our new Panther Polishers: High-gloss polishers for zirconia, lithium disilicate and conventional ceramics. These premium instruments offer a simple solution for finishing monolithic or veneered ceramics. Here are just some of the features that Panther offers: Soft bonding matrix delivers gentle grinding and polishing 2-step system Infused […]

What’s your Vacalon Rotary Lineup?

With so many options to choose from it is inevitable that technicians will create their own rotary system for finishing restorations. Beyond the different product choices there are grits, shapes and sizes to choose from. And one tech’s preference might not work for another. We’re always interested to hear how you’re using our rotary products […]

Say hello to HydroSmooth and goodbye to bubbles

As the ultimate debubblizing solution, HydroSmooth is the only choice for today’s high performance die stones and casting investments. Eliminate bubbles and voids with nano-surfactants designed to eradicate surface tension, allowing materials to freely flow into even the thinnest areas. You can order HydroSmooth today or request a free sample. […]

New shapes added to Arctic Grinders

We’ve added 3 more coarse grit shapes to our Arctic Grinder lineup. These tools are more aggressive than our medium grit, but still offer a gentle grinding action. Plus, they run true and cool – helping you avoid troubles. Order your Arctic Grinders today.   […]

Our Rotary Tool promo has been extended!

Our Rotary Tool promotion has been a huge success – so we are going to extend it for a little while longer. When you shop our high quality polishers and grinders the more you add to your cart the more you’ll save. Buy 3 or more rotary items and save 10%. Buy 6 or more […]

Learn how to change the blade on your Schick G2

If you’ve got a Schick G2 Model Saw and aren’t sure how to change the blade then you are in luck. Our partners at Schick put together this short video that covers everything you need to know about replacing the blade. You can order the G2 Replacement Blade at our website and if you’ve lost […]

Z4 is the only investment you need

It was only a matter of time before companies started selling expensive “new” and “special” investments for casting and pressing patterns produced on 3D printers. The fact is you don’t need them when you use N&V Z4 Universal Investment. Whether you are hand waxing, printing or milling your wax patterns Z4 is the only investment […]

Insta-Peg: Now available in white

We’re excited to announce that our popular Insta-Peg Custom Peg Putty is now available in white. It offers all of the same great characteristics that dental technicians have come to appreciate in our Insta-Peg Blue. Plus, it is packaged in the same 12 cc syringes that offer 20% more material than other brands. Place an […]