Stock up on liquid and beat the freeze

It’s been a mild Fall so far, but the temperatures are starting to drop. It will only be a short time before the really cold weather arrives and we are unable to ship our freeze sensitive products. This includes products like N&V Expansion Liquid for our MG-Vest and Z4 Investments. But you can avoid problems […]

Ignoring a faulty handpiece cable can be costly

Left unchecked a damaged handpiece cable can destroy your control box and/or cause permanent damages to the motor of the handpiece. Both of these problems will end up costing far more than just replacing the cable. Cables wear out, they get cut with sharp objects, melted with hot objects and stretched and twisted in all […]

October-November 2017 Product Catalog

We just dropped our latest product catalog and your sure to find some great deals on all our products. We’re also excited about our rotary tools continuing to gain popularity as more and more labs find out they offer the best quality at a great price. The Schick Q Basic Handpiece has also been in […]

Test drive our products

Sometimes you just want to test a product to see if it’s a good fit – that’s why we offer free samples of many of our products. If you’re interested in trying our BK Double Pins, Z4 Investment, Insta-Peg Custom Peg Putty or many of our other exciting products we’ve got your covered. All you […]

Printed models? No problem with the G2 Model Saw.

The Schick G2 Model Saw delivers smooth and straight die walls whether you are sectioning gypsum models or digitally fabricated resin models. Even with limited space or other irregularities the G2 can deliver outstanding results. By cutting upwards, from beneath the model, the cuts take place without damaging the prep or chipping margins. The G2 […]

August-September 2017 Product Catalog

Our newly released August-September product catalog is now on newsstands everywhere. Ok, maybe not newsstands but it should at least be in your mailbox. Out front we’ve highlighted some of our exciting products – including our new Panther Polishers and the Schick S Ceramic System. Here are some more highlights of the August-September 2017 Vacalon […]

Video: Schick S Ceramic Milling System

With the Schick S Ceramic system, milling machines can easily be converted for the wet grinding of ceramics. The high-speed air turbine is LED light equipped and water cooled, so temperatures are kept low and micro-fractures in the ceramics are avoided. Dust and water spray is easily removed from the work area with an ergonomically […]

What size Disposable Plungers do you need?

Vacalon offers four different sizes of disposable plungers – but what are the sizes and what systems do they work with? There are many different pressable ceramic systems available so it is impossible to list each one. As an aid we put together this short guide to help you determine the correct plunger size you […]

Our Double Pins make it easy

You know what is really terrible about some of the double dowel pins on the market today? The fact that you have to pluck all of those rubber end caps off the sheet. I mean sure, it seems like a minor thing but it really is a pain. It’s an absolute waste of time, but […]

Video: How to change the chuck on your handpiece

Changing the chuck on your Microstar V-40, Schick C2 Profi, Schick C-Master or Schick Q Basic is an easy task. This video shows a V-40/C2 Profi – but the process is pretty much the same for all Schick handpieces. If you need additional help, or if your handpiece needs more than a new chuck, we […]