February-March 2017 Product Guide

The latest issue of the Vacalon Product Guide is now available. Along with an updated look we’re highlighting some of our time saving products. One of our primary goals is to help technicians be as productive as possible by delivering the highest quality products. Because to dental laboratories time is money. Here are some of […]

Make things easy with Matrix Shapers

When you use our Matrix Shapers working with green state zirconia could not be easier. They allow technicians to efficiently reduce support bars, make adjustments and smooth the surface of zirconia restorations while they are still soft and workable. Matrix Shapers give dental laboratories a huge advantage by helping reduce laborious post-sintering work. Try out […]

Easily section models with the Schick G2

The Schick G2-Concept Model Saw is one of the best investments a dental laboratory can make. If time is money, then the the G2 is absolutely a huge cost-savings tool. Just check out Schick’s video below that shows how much faster the G2 can section models vs. traditional sectioning with a handpiece mounted diamond disc. […]

Nexus Buffs are a unique choice

Smooth, remove scratches and pre-polish a wide variety of materials with these abrasive infused pads. Nexus Buffs feature a unique woven design and a low operational speed, delivering a long service life. Nexus Buffs can be used on a wide range of materials, including: Denture acrylic Milled PMMA Thermoforming materials Impression trays Soft denture liners […]

Save big on all our rotary tools

Right now you can save up to 20% when you order our new rotary tools. You can mix and match all of our tools to achieve quantities of 3 to get 10% off and 6+ to get 20% off. That means you can pick from any of our tools and build up your order to […]

Arctic Grinders keep things cool

Whether you’re adjusting zirconia, lithium disilicate or traditional ceramics you can keep things cool with our Arctic Grinders. With low heat generation and high stability these diamond infused grinders are the perfect choice for rapid removal of material when shaping and contouring. With a wide selection of shapes, technicians can choose the tool that perfectly […]

January-February 2017 Product Guide

Our most recent Product Guide has been out for a couple of weeks and if you have not seen it be sure to give it a read. You can get details on products from Vacalon, N&V Belgium, BK-Medent and Schick Dental. You can also find out about our latest promotions and special offers. Here is […]

BK Double Pins offer a stable solution

Our BK Double Pins deliver an outstanding product, for an attractive price. But when we we talk about the high quality of our BK Double Pins what do we mean? The simple answer is that these pins deliver where other brands come up short and here is how. The fit of the pin inside the […]

Schick & Microstar Handpiece Repairs

Vacalon offers repair services for Schick and Microstar handpieces – including the V-40 and VK-40. If your handpiece is not running like it should and you’ve put off getting it fixed, don’t delay any longer. With Vacalon you can trust that your equipment will be properly repaired. Our repair technicians are Schick factory trained We […]

New Quickcheck Indicating Spray Video

With so many uses Quickcheck Indicating Spray is sure to come in handy all over your lab. Quickcheck works well on any surface. The quick, instantaneous fingertip application dispenses a micro-fine layer of colored powder that sticks to porcelain, metal, acrylic, stone and more. With three different colors to choose from Quickcheck is the perfect […]